Modern paintings on canvas, wooden frame with high thickness | Acrylic paints, crayons, charcoal pensils | Famous people's portraits, abstract, flowers and more coming.



Graphical representations, drawing, sketch, painting,on paper | For publishing house, advertising, graphics: children's book, brochures | Acrylic paints, color pencils, ink, professional markers.


Creativity and craftsmanship are the gifts that come to us from a lot of history of italian art and design, whose technical and projectual development represents the modern age.
In order to offer opportunities to customize reproductions of original artworks we currently cooperate with, a new reality for innovative solutions concerning decorations and furnishings paying attention to the quality.


On request it is possible to agree with us on subject, size and colors for a personalized painting.
For Interior Designers: the opportunity to design the exclusive piece of furniture, perfectly integrated in a project with a unique character, for demanding customers.

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